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EXPO 2015

Warren Ingram

The Money Expo is a great forum for people who are interested in money and investments, to listen to experts discuss a range of topics that are relevant to investors. It is also a great forum for financial services companies to gain exposure to investors in amore direct format than traditional advertising or marketing.

– Warren Ingram from SmartRand


We were bowled over by all your effort, passion, commitment and late night / early morning efforts to ensure everything came together and worked perfectly.
We were really chuffed with the results and perhaps the most promising for me — the fact that we had people come back on Saturday to listen to Gary talk, and that we ran out of his seats for it, to boot!

– Hayley Parry from The Money School


Thank you Moneyweb for putting together such an informative and financially empowering expo. The quality and quantity of top thought leaders and industry experts was superb, and the overall experience has us looking forward to being back next year.

– Gareth Armstrong from Future CEOs on CliffCentral